Atelier Creation

Atelier Creation is a circus-theatre company directed and designed by Erica Fierro. More than a simple company, it is a path of creative research guided through suggestions and choreographies by Erica Fierro and her visionary art.

At the moment the company counts 7 actors, dancers and acrobats selected from different parts of Italy by an audition. They meet once a month for intensive rehearsals and movement researches.
The director structures the meetings in a creative way, both theoretical and practical with training exercises of presence and frontal theoretical lessons about circus and other performing arts.

The intent is to work through the circus arts for a circus even newer than the new circus, where every art is intertwined in the history of each of us.
Where the art of gaze, of silence,… enter between the ropes of the trapezes, the textures of the fabrics, the metals of the hoops.

Atelier Creation debuted with the show “SIBLINGS” (more details in the shows section) Give yourself the opportunity to go beyond what you have always seen and always thought of. Break the patterns of beauty and ugliness. Give the world a new wonder.

Periodically new auditions are held for the inclusion of new members in the company. If you’re interested to join us you can send your application:




-to those who practice aerial skills for more than three years
-to those who are open to relationships, new experiences, the nature of things
-to those who love poetry
-to those who want to see connections between arts
-to those who are ready to laugh, to jump, to create, to read, to walk, to play with a thread, to talk with one foot, to put the head in a shoe, to run backward by bicycle
-to those who love the flow of things, of souls, of the skies
-to those who persevere
-to those who want to be here

Atelier creation


atelier creation