Shows and Performances


directed by Erica Fierro

“Atelier Creation” Company

The show is a journey through the biographies of the actors, their stories, their memories. Siblings, brothers and sisters, as if we were all part of a family united by memories suspended in time and on aerial apparatus...

  • Type: Circus Thatre
  • Duration: 60 min

Dance of air and of Earth

Aerial dance performance


The show begins at the spectators' eye level, their gaze then directed upwards, where the creature discovers the sky... or is it a veil?... a ray of light?... a dream?

  • Type: Aerial dance performance
  • Duration: 10/15 min

Scarpe Diem

Scarpe Diem

Scarpe Diem

A show inspired by a passion for shoes; about 250 pairs of shoes appear on stage...
The audience enters a world of shoes, a space, a room, a shoe.

  • Type: Theatre Performance
  • Duration: 60 min. approx.

Racconti Oltre le Parole

Dance Pictures
Racconti Oltre le Parole

Stories Beyond Words

5 Dance Pictures.
5 Dance Pictures last 3-5 minutes each and can be offered in an one-show solution or in different moments of an evening or event.

  • Type: Dance
  • Duration: 3 to 5 min. each

Extreme Performances

...and other
Performance Estreme

Extreme Performances

Aerial silk at a height of 30 metres on the extendable arm of a crane.
Show featuring high technical skill that can be appreciated around the world, leaving audiences with their mouths and hearts open!

  • Type: Single circus performances
  • Duration: 5/7 min each

Stretching Home and artistic Professional development consulting

A Lifestyle
Stretching Home

Stretching Home

  • Type: Stretching Home and artistic Professional development consulting
  • Duration: Per request