101 segreti per acrobati esistenziali

101 segreti per acrobati esistenziali


Achieving stability among life events requires the talent of a balancing act performer.
“101 Segreti” is a practical and philosophical handbook where the author writes about her experiences to a wide range of readers from amateur to professional acrobats without forgetting those who have no aspiration to become silk or trapeze performers but just want to be able to handle different life situations.

Erica believes it is important to know how to fly in order to be able to deal effectively with the ups and downs of life. To some the message may be figurative while for others it is real.
The book is divided into three parts (individual, work and practice, artistic) and each one contains the tips mentioned in the title: adequately illustrated food for thought coming from the sharing of personal life experiences.

The reader is free to choose how to read this handbook either by following the order suggested or the one dictated by one’s own heart. The author leads us to discover experiences that are personal but can also apply to each and every one. This is probably because being a talented artist means being a talented person and it is important to know how to develop and use one’s own creativity to become a complete individual.

The most interesting part of this work – in addition to its clear text, the effectiveness of its content, the intimacy that is established as the author lets the reader into her life and how she leads it – is the unexpected parallel that can easily be found between a life suspended in the air and one anchored to the ground. Clearly the author’s job comes from her vocation: a sacred space within herself from where she draws all the necessary elements to fulfill her growth and development.

After years of teaching, vaulting, training and shows, Erica has decided to share her experience not just with someone wanting to become an acrobat but also with people wishing to see the world from a new standpoint, a dynamic one from up above.

The end leads to a new beginning; the desire to experiment, to take a risk and evolve along an endless spiral that will guide us through a life filled with joy, lightheartedness, strength, courage and determination to stay true to who we really are no matter what happens around us.

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